Get Your Jollies On

This morning, the Forum played host to a craft fair and farmer’s market and after our 9AM seminar, Sophie and I went down to check it out. They had people singing carols and lots of little stalls and I think they were all run by students or people with links to the uni which is really nice. I didn’t plan on buying anything – except possibly a baked good – but there were two stalls that I absolutely couldn’t resist.

The first is Mammal Swag, who make t-shirts featuring animals dressed in various hilarious ensembles. They were also in the Forum a few weeks ago and I really, really wanted to buy one so today I gave in – all in the name of Christmas! Their t-shirts are really cool and they also do sweatshirts and stuff. I have a secret longing to own the entire line. Plus, the guys that run the company are really friendly and helpful – always a bonus!

My second purchase only really came about because of its name: Jollies. Obviously I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to make some good old name puns so we went over to inspect. It turned out that Jollies is a company that sells adorable blue and yellow striped socks that come in a can. Just this morning I had to borrow a pair of Sophie’s socks as I am in such dire need of them (read: I haven’t done any washing in far too long), so I took this as a clear sign that it was a purchase that was meant to be. Plus, for every pair that you buy, a pair of socks is sent to a local homeless shelter, so I was doing a Christmas good deed too!


how could I resist?

As it turns out, these socks only went on sale in Exeter yesterday and are yet to go on general sale anywhere else so now I’m feeling very exclusive. The website is here and you can sign up to receive information and I think possibly win a pair for yourself so it’s definitely worth it. I haven’t actually worn my new socks yet – saving them for a special occasion – but the guy at the stall gave me a pair to “play with” and I can assure everyone that they’re very soft and very worth your £12.50!



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