getting naked in public

ssb 1

lookin’ sparkly

Last night brought us one of the highlights (actually maybe THE highlight) of the Exeter social calendar: the Safer Sex Ball. The SSB is a legendary night (apparently featured on FHM’s list of 100 things to do before you die, although I’ve never seen this verified anywhere) that aims to promote, obviously, safe sex, and raises money for various charities. The best part is that clothes are all but forbidden and everybody goes in their underwear, along a theme.

I went in first year, when the theme was circus, and this year’s theme was tribal. This caused a bit of a furore and racism claims were flung around with abandon, but when it came down to it I think everybody did rather well. We spent the day in a state of great excitement, fake tanning and making ourselves smooth and beautiful, and then it was the fun part: actually getting ready! We were all dressed vaguely to a colour scheme of black and gold, and we’d invested in gold glitter and gold glitter hairspray which was my personal favourite item I think I have ever purchased. I did not feel ready to get my stomach out (it’s been six months since I stepped foot in a gym) so I was wearing a black and gold sparkly leotard that ended up being way more flattering than I was expecting – I had serious fears about looking at the photos but I have been pleasantly surprised!

ssb 4

so sexual

Since we can’t get enough of entertaining, we hosted pregame for about 20 people and while we’d been whiling away the day, we’d come up with the inspired plan of creating a ‘photobooth’ on our landing, including an SSB sign that dripped glitter glue everywhere and a range of inspired props, including (of course) an inflatable monkey. We had a brilliant time utilising this photobooth and we have since decided to make it a permanent fixture of the house.

ssb 3

photobooth fun

We also made sure that everyone got a go with Sophie’s nice camera so we got a million pictures of everybody looking all naked, and Sophie also took charge of my Flip Cam and recorded various hilarious interviews with everyone, which I am in the process of crafting into a wonderful montage.

ssb 2

the whole tribe

Anyway, 270 photos later and eventually it was time to head to the event itself. Previously, the SSB has been held at Westpoint Arena just outside of Exeter, but this year it was on campus, in the Great Hall and surrounding areas, which worked much better. There were tons of inflatable animals and all the different rooms had different themes and we had a lot of fun (even if we were amongst the first fifty people there!) There was a swanky cocktail bar where we made the mistake of buying some sort of coffee concoction, and an oxygen bar that, at £3, I deemed way too expensive, and all manner of food: I didn’t try it but I have been assured that the pizza they were selling was the best pizza in the entire world. The team organising it (including our housemate Kate!) did a fabulous job and all in all I’d say it was a huge success and the perfect way to begin the last week of term!


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