urban burger, exeter

To celebrate our last night in Exeter, the three remaining members of Subberz HQ ventured out to Urban Burger. As we embarked on the walk there and realised just how far away it is (completely the other end of town), we were beginning to regret our decision and wish we’d gone somewhere more generic, but closer.

However, almost as soon as we sat down we were so glad we decided to come. The menu offers food other than burgers, but they’re definitely the main showpiece. You can customise a regular burger which whichever extras you want, or they also offer an extensive choice of different combinations, named such things as “Mrs Tweedy” (a chicken burger, naturally) and “Aphrodite” (vegetarian healthy option). I opted for “the Bolt.” Despite our friend Matt’s confusion, this is not named for the Disney movie but, of course, the Jamaican track star, and featured jerk chicken, mango chutney, jerk mayo, and salad. I was a little bit apprehensive about ordering this as the menu said it was “very spicy” and I also felt like a bit of a traitor ordering chicken at a burger restaurant, but once again, I made the right choice and it was delicious. Nicole and Presh both had The Matador, which they both declared equally good, and Matt went for the BBQ Chicken, which, again, he said he would happily have eaten another of.


the bolt

Probably the only negative point we’d have is that none of the burgers come with any sides – if you want chips, you have to order them on the side and pay extra. It’s not a huge deal, but with the burgers averaging £8 or £9 each, and chips £2 – 3, it did seem a little steep. We also ordered a bottle of wine which was decently priced at £13 or so.

After dinner, though, came the best part. One of the guys I work with had recommended Urban Burger to me in the first place, and he’d told me that their dessert cocktails are to die for. I was sceptical – they’re alcoholic, ice-creamy concoctions, and the idea of alcohol and ice cream doesn’t sit well with me – but Nicole and I decided to share the Lemon Pie dessert cocktail to see what the fuss was all about. Once again: so glad we did! It was delicious. It didn’t taste alcoholic at all, and neither was it too lemon-y: it was sort of like a nice, gentle, liquidized lemon tart, which I suppose is exactly what they were aiming for. Needless to say, it disappeared in seconds.

Matt ordered the “Very Berry” version, which was nice, but not quite as good. It has gin in it, whereas the lemon was white rum and creme de cacao, and there was a definite alcoholic aftertaste that I wasn’t so sure about.

Altogether, including tip, I spent £18 on the meal which wasn’t bad considering we had wine and the cocktails – sadly though it won’t be a habit I can afford to repeat every week!


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