snow such luck

Apologies for the awful pun in the title…I can’t resist these things.

Not much has been happening around these parts as of late. I’d love to share some adorable winter-y snow pictures like everybody else in the country is, but I can’t, because Exeter is apparently the only city in the country without even a dusting of snow. As much as I appreciate the lack of hellish travelling conditions and I sympathise with the general pain and anguish that snow causes us Brits – I want some! I want to build mini snowmen and wrap up really warm!

As it happens, though, Exeter is just ridiculously cold and depressingly grey, and so we’ve all been spending as much time as possible in the house. If only we could afford heating for more than a few hours every day.

In happier news, last night we went out to the birthday party of two girls we know from English. Their names both begin with S and so the theme of the party was ‘things beginning with S’, which couldn’t have been more perfect seeing as how we have christened our house the Submarine. We went as sailors, all of us in matching outfits, and joined a crowd that included a (very scantily clad) silver surfer, some snow, and, my favourite, Seamus Heaney himself.

three sailors and...borat?

three sailors and…borat?

It was a very fun night and a good chance for us to bond with our fellow English students. Plus, we got to talk about our year abroad an awful lot, which is an activity I always enjoy.

This week is quite an exciting one as, snow permitting, I’m heading up to London on Tuesday for an interview with a PR company! It’s just for work experience (no real jobs on the horizon, no fear) but I’m very excited and very nervous. Either way, I’ll also be meeting up with one of my BFFs Emily that evening for a good old catch up and some belated birthday celebrating – and I have a feeling I won’t be able to resist a little trip to Selfridges!



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