Hatt’s, Exeter

Over coffee a few weeks ago, two of my best English friends and I came up with an elaborate bucket list of places to go in Exeter over our final two terms here. On Wednesday night, we finally made a start on this list with a group trip to Hatt’s Cocktail Bar on Gandy Street.


The bar itself is hidden away underground and is essentially a cellar, all low ceilings, bare brick walls and equally low lighting. It’s split up into three separate rooms, all with various arrangements of comfy sofas, so it feels pretty intimate and cosy whether it’s super busy, as it has been when we’ve visited in the past, or empty,  like it was last night.

My favourite thing about Hatt’s, though, is the fact that they have 2 for 1 cocktails on Wednesday night. They’re only £5.95 each anyway, no matter which one, which makes it an amazing deal. The only catch is that you have to have two of the same, but if you pair up with somebody or are in a big group you can obviously pair up and buy in rounds so you don’t actually have to drink the same thing all night.

The menu itself is not too adventurous but they have a lot of solid classics, as well as sections for “creamy and fruity,” “short and to the point,” and a variety of shooters. My personal favourites are the Tom Collins (so refreshing!) and the Exotic Passion, mostly because I can’t order it without a little smirk. This time around we also tried the Key West Cooler, which was definitely the prettiest we tried.


Gorgeous, right? Unfortunately it didn’t really taste particularly special. It was like a weaker variation of Sex On The Beach, which I don’t generally like anyway, and sort of tasted more alcopop than cocktail. The others tried some of the shooters but seeing as we weren’t able to persuade them to come to Timepiece, Sophie and I called it a night so unfortunately I can’t report back on those. Next time!


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