Brunch @ BTP

Our outing this week (actually the first of many – it’s another packed week in the Submarine household!) was a brunch date to Boston Tea Party with the English gang. Boston Tea Party is a chain based in the South West, and the Exeter branch is one of my very favourite places in the city. It’s also basically where our friendship was first cemented (we all bonded over our love for the place), so it seemed fitting to return there altogether now we’re big grown up third years.


Downstairs, the place looks like your regular, slightly-above-average cute coffee/sandwich place, but upstairs is amazing: the highest ceilings I’ve ever seen, enormous windows, and an eclectic array of huge tables, squishy armchairs and quirky artwork. It’s exactly the sort of place that makes me want to sit down and write a novel, and it’s one of my favourite spots for people watching – we have been known to spot the odd English professor in there!


Foodwise, BTP actually let me down today a little bit because I’d resolved to indulge a bit and order the pancakes, bacon & maple syrup (missing the States much?). However, the lady at the till told me they didn’t have any bacon. Obviously my mind immediately went blank and for a good few minutes I literally couldn’t think of any dish that didn’t involve bacon, but after a quick study of the menu I decided to get poached egg & ham on a bagel. Quite a weird combination, but I wanted my salty meat!


Incidentally, I still can’t decide if I actually like eggs or not. I keep getting weird cravings for them but I’m never sure how much I enjoy them. These ones were really good though, the yolk was super runny so it reminded me of boiled egg and soldiers (pretty sure that’s the only way I used to eat eggs as a little’un). The bagel was also fab – I’m totally obsessed with really seedy bread products and this one fit the bill perfectly!

As I said, the atmosphere is very artsy and laidback and so we ended up sitting around and chatting for almost two hours before we dragged ourselves back out into the rain to walk up to campus and attend our various seminars and so on. Pretty much the perfect way to start the week, I’d say!


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