Ruby & the RAMM

Didn’t I say our week this week was jam-packed with culture? Yesterday afternoon, after a hard day “working,” Sophie and I ventured out into Exeter to visit the Royal Albert Memorial Museum (RAMM) on Queen Street. We had been wanting to go here all year (bucket list!) and the opening of a new exhibition – the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award – was the prompting we needed to actually get our act together and go.


The museum is free to get into which was a huge bonus and it was very interesting – we visited every room. My personal favourite was the taxidermy room, which has stuffed versions of basically every animal you can think of, including a giraffe, an elephant and a tiger! We were very surprised to see how big a gazelle is. We also liked the display of Native American and Aborigine artefacts – our time in Virginia has sparked a bit of a nerdy interest in both of us – and obviously the reason we were there, the portraits of all the animals were super cool. We have concluded that penguins & leopards are the most photogenic of creatures!

Obviously, we couldn’t visit a museum without dressing up as a pair of warriors.


The museum closed at 5 and we still had an hour or so to kill before our group dinner date, but the light was at a gorgeous wintery evening level and so we took some time to wander about Exeter and rediscover our fave city. We also ventured into the Phoenix theatre and planned many an outing for the upcoming term. We are determined to take this bucket list seriously!




Isn’t it just gorgeous? Anyway, after all this tourist-y business, we were getting a bit cold and it still wasn’t time for dinner so we popped into our regular haunt, Boston Tea Party, for a chai latte / butterscotch steamer while we waited for the others. And then, finally, it was time to head over to Ruby!

Ruby is a “modern diner” that just opened on Queen Street – conveniently next to the RAMM and we’ve all been obsessively stalking the menu ever since they put a picture of it up on their blog. It only opened on Monday so we were anticipating a couple of teething issues and expecting that it would be super busy, but actually we were pleasantly surprised on both counts! The service staff were all over it, our waiter was very attentive (if nervous) and most of all, it was fast.

After spending forever agonising over the menu, we all decided to stick with the signature dish – burgers, obviously – and between us covered quite a range of options. I went for the Classic, which costs £5.50 and looks like this:


Looks very simple and it was, but it tasted good! Maybe a little overcooked for my liking but not a big deal, and to be fair I didn’t specify. Our friend Chris went for “The One,” which includes two patties and God knows what else:


Looks much more impressive, right? As per usual, we were tempted by the hard milkshakes and especially by the dessert menu, but essentially we were just too full. We did sample a couple of the ciders, though, a blackberry and apple one that is called, hilariously, Fanny’s Bramble, and a strawberry one, which were both declared very nice.


As well as sit-down tables, there is also the option to take out and above “self-service seating”, which I have a feeling I will definitely be utilising in the future! There is also a fab-looking breakfast menu that we are all desperate to try, and I’ve got my eye on that salt beef bagel (and the pulled pork…and the apple pie…and so on and so on).

The space is very big with a surprisingly small amount of tables, so it all feels very spacious and very relaxed. There’s also an upstairs seating area which was fully booked with a private party last night (story of our lives) but I think we can safely say that Ruby is a welcome addition to the city!


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