This Week

This week, Exeter got as political as it ever really gets because it was time for the annual Guild Elections. Every year, the student body at large elects five “Sabbs” to run in various different roles, which means that every year, all the candidates come out in full force to campaign as hard as they can for one week only. Generally this is a massive pain and highly annoying for everyone involved, but this year I knew quite a few of the candidates and found myself way more emotionally invested than I ever imagined I would be!


I’ve spent most of the week up in the forum “working”/watching the various antics of all the campaigners and it’s been so much fun. There were flash mobs, cheerleaders, impromptu Toy Story singalongs, jazz bands…suffice to say, the Forum has been a weird place this week. I got to interview a few of the candidates for an interview with the Tab (which you can read here) which was really nice – I hadn’t met two of them before and they were absolutely lovely!

We’ve also been getting our dress up on in the Submarine because our friend Mae, currently on her year abroad in Germany, came to visit this week. The trip (almost) coincided with her 21st birthday, which was on the 2nd, and so naturally we had to throw her some sort of party-slash-trip-to-Arena and, even more naturally, it had to be themed. We went for “Predator vs Prey” which yielded some VERY impressive costumes (and some not so impressive ones…).

predator prey

Here we have a mouse, a tiger, a rabbit, a duck, and a bear (me!). Other guests included three sharks, a shark attack victim and a flying squirrel, and the birthday girl herself was a panther. We love a good themed event in this house and so nobody will be surprised to know that our next one is just under 2 weeks away. Watch out, world, for Dapper Vs Rapper!


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