Cookies & Blanket Forts

Last night we shunned our traditional Saturday night bop trips for a girly night in. Kate was off to a very glam black tie 21st party so Sophie, Nicole and I decided to kick the evening’s activities off with a little baking sesh. I had some apples left in the fridge that I was bored of, so we decided to make white chocolate and apple oatmeal cookies. We used this recipe and I can’t recommend it enough. The mix alone was so good that we probably ate at least a batch worth while we waited for the first lot to cook!


We’d eaten so much mixture that we all had to have a little rest for a while, and when we’d recovered we ventured into the living room to embark on one of our most ambitious plans yet: building a blanket fort in the living room. This actually turned out to be a lot easier than we thought, mostly because we have an impressive collection of blankets and one particularly good, enormous, cable knit one that worked perfectly as a roof. It was an extremely impressive structure if I may say so myself, and we even included the TV and a little arts-and-crafts-table / bar / stackable storage unit.


We spent at least four hours tucked up inside our fort, creating our bucket list for the rest of the year (now displayed in the kitchen for all to see), drawing hilariously bad pictures, and drinking wine. It was so cosy that we wanted to have a sleepover in it but we thought it might collapse around us and so after a lovely lovely evening we all retired to bed very full and very happy!



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