A Week in Pictures

This term is absolutely flying by – I can’t believe we’re about to enter week 6 already! This week has been even more jam-packed than usual, with a whole array of events and an even longer list of 21st-birthday-themed fun to come over the next couple. Here’s what we’ve been up to here in the Submarine this week:


The fun kicked off on Tuesday when we invited a couple of the boys for a pancake-making and Wii-playing session. After some less-than-successful first tries, we set Will on making small, American-stylie pancakes while self-professed expert Matt worked on the more traditional English ones (with me as his glamorous assistant, obviously). We experimented with a variety of toppings: I was quite a fan of PB&J pancakes but really, when it comes down to it I’m a sugar-and-lemon girl at heart!


Wednesday evening saw another cocktail evening with the English girls at 44 Below on Queen Street. Contrary to what it looks like, this is not a civilised tea for two but a Tokyo Iced Tea! We were delighted to find that “happy hour” is on all night every night from Monday through Thursday, with two of the same cocktail for just £6. The Tokyo Iced Tea was very nice, although it did seem to be mostly lemonade, and I also found a new favourite in the Coconut & Mint Daiquiri. None of the cocktails seemed particularly strong or alcoholic, but they all tasted good and it was nice to try a few new flavours.


We had planned a girls’ night in on Valentine’s Day and ordered a veritable Indian feast for the three of us. We are all a bit clueless when it comes to curries to be honest and usually just stick to the standard Chicken Tikka Masala, but last night we decided to change things up and ordered two other random dishes as well – so adventurous! Later on we took pity on our friend Matt (pancake maker extraordinaire) and so we permitted him to be our joint valentine and join us. Stupidly, we let him pick the movie (Benchwarmers – truly awful, in my opinion) but we were all in such food comas it really didn’t matter too much!

the view I woke up to this morning

 This is the view I woke up to this morning! Exeter in the sunshine is gorgeous and so we decided to take advantage of my lecture free day and go to Tea On The Green (situated, as the name suggests, on Cathedral Green) for a spot of coffee and carrot cake and to meet up with Brooke, a William & Mary student studying at Exeter this term. Everyone knows we love a traveller/fellow exchange student and Brooke actually lived in the UK till she was 12 so it was fun getting to reminisce about W&M for a bit and hearing about her time in Exe so far!



Just as we were finishing the sky started to cloud over and it looked like it was about to start pouring down so we paid (after much confusion over the bill – turns out English students really can’t do numbers) and hurried home before the rain started. It was a perfect way to spend a sunny lunchtime and to end what has been a lovely relaxed week! (Just wait till tonight when the 21st birthday celebrations begin in earnest – I’m not sure life will be “relaxed” for long!)


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