The Wishlist: February

What with the sun suddenly making a welcome appearance and the less-welcome prospect of a 2000 word dissertation extract and a 3000 word essay, I’ve been spending an awful lot of time lately wistfully browsing various websites looking at all the pretty summer clothes I can’t afford. Here’s what I’m mostly wishing for this week:

Daniel Wellington Watch

I am DYING for one of these. I would get one in every colour if I could (there is a navy and green one that I’m in love with too, and of course the leather) but I’d settle for just the one if I could find a spare £130-ish.


I spent last year engulfed in the American Greek system and the wannabe fratstar in me is still dying for a pair of Sperrys, the ultimate in fratty attire. With Spring just around the corner, as far as I’m concerned it’s prime time for buying and I absolutely love this coral colour.

Lace Shift

I’m absolutely living for the mint green craze right now – can’t get enough of it. At £22, this is probably the most affordable of anything on my list and therefore the most likely to accidentally end up on my doorstep – I’m thinking it would be perfect for all those summer-y Graduation/21st celebrations!

Marc Jacobs Earrings

Any one of my housemates will tell you that I’m a bit of a Marc Jacobs fiend – basically all my technology/makeup everything else is stored in something Marc by Marc and I still can’t get enough. Loving on these, but there are at least ten other pairs I’d equally enjoy.

Topshop Skater Skirt

I know that basically everybody in the world either already owns this or is about to but whatever, I’m joining the list. I’m a bit suspicious of how skater skirts will actually look on me (I have to be careful with length ’cause I’ve only got little legs) but I’m planning on going in and trying it one day very soon so we will see. Hopefully I’ll be able to declare myself a fan and try all the different fun colours and textures as well!

Okay, I think that’s quite enough before I get really carried away and start paying for all these things in my imaginary shopping baskets. One day!


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