It’s Not Even My Birthday

Wednesday this week was the day we had all been waiting for: our best girl Sophie’s 21st! She is the first in our house to have a birthday (we’re all absurdly young) and so we were all hugely excited and had a vast array of events planned for the day. Obviously before anything else, though, it was time for presents!


Kate and I had spent many an hour picking out the perfect gifts for our fave English student, and so she got a literary map of America (which I am seriously jealous of!), an adorable Rob Ryan mug, a scrapbook of the year so far and a disposable camera to fill it to the end, and my personal favourite, three mason jars filled with all her favourite snacks. Ingenious, if I do say so myself.



With presents out of the way, it was time to kick things off with an elaborate birthday brunch. Sophie had a bit of trouble with the champagne:


But we got there in the end! We’d cooked up all the birthday girl’s favourite brunch foods: bagels, eggs, smoked salmon, bacon and pancakes. It was an ENORMOUS feast.


This looks really quite refined, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, I went back for seconds.


Happy me at the brunch table!

We were all stuffed after all that food, but miraculously, there was space to squeeze in a cupcake or two. Sophie’s mum had been dropping hints about these custom-designed cupcakes for weeks and we were all MASSIVELY excited when they arrived. They didn’t disappoint! They were red velvet, and each one had a lovingly crafted Chanel handbag on top (in a range of different styles, no less!) We all had great fun picking out our favourite bags and then shoving them in our faces, naturally.



We were all definitely in need of a rest after that so we spent a few hours lounging around the living room and doing a bit of work before Sophie and I went off to the pub to meet Lucy and Alex and share more cupcake joy and birthday fun. Then it was back to the house for dinner, and two surprise guests of honour, Duncan and Jess (and more cupcakes…)!



Don’t even ask about the snapbacks. All I will say is that they were practise for tonight’s events. But anyway, after dinner there was just time to finish the night off in style with a trip to Timepiece.


I think it’s safe to say the birthday girl had fun!


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