dapper vs rapper


Birthday celebrations continued on Friday with our most anticipated event yet: Nicole & Sophie’s brilliantly-themed 21st party, a.k.a Dapper vs. Rapper. Our friend Mae returned to Exeter especially, and having stayed up till 2:30AM catching up the night before (oops!) we were very eager to kick off the festivities on Friday night. I made the wise choice to go all-out rapper, with a lacrosse pinny I stole (borrowed) from an American last year, and I even purchased a snapback especially. I think it suits me pretty well, right?


We were a bit worried that there would be an uneven distribution of rappers and dappers, but everyone had done very well and the boys especially were looking fab in their suits and ties, Timberlake style. We pregamed on specially prepared vodka gummy bears and copious amounts of champagne, and obviously took about a million photos.


Rapper girls with our best boys!


Eventually (too soon, actually) it was time to head to my spiritual home, Timepiece, for only the seven billionth time this fortnight. The bouncers and most of the people inside were all very confused as to what exactly we were supposed to be, or if we were dressed up at all…you never know! The hats went down very well and I had to fend off several would-be robbers before eventually succumbing to a fit of generosity and gifting mine to a friend from first year. I can’t decide if I regret this decision or not, but altogether the night was an absolute hit – maybe we’ll make Rapper vs Dapper an annual event!


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