the final round

Another day, another birthday in the Submarine and this time it was the turn of Nicole. The birthday fairies paid a little visit to the house on Monday night, and so on Tuesday the birthday girl woke up to a lovely little pile of glamorously wrapped gifts. It was far too early for pictures, but miss birthday girl got a mirrored jewellery box with a little message engraved on it, a 21 photo frame, and an array of cake decorating supplies which we are very keen to try out.

We didn’t just want a repeat of Sophie’s birthday, so instead we also issued Nicole with an invitation to afternoon tea later that afternoon and subtly popped to Waitrose to stock up on supplies. Several hours and one lecture later, and we kicked Nicole out of the kitchen to arrange scones, clotted cream, jam, and miniature brownies, rocky roads, party rings and jammie dodgers.


We also made cupcakes from a box, which we’d bought more for their decorating potential than any culinary merit.


And for the piece de resistance – cake pops! We ordered these weeks ago and then by some weird coincidence, it turned out that they were by the same lovely lady that Sophie’s mum had enlisted to make the fab Chanel cupcakes from last week. The company is called The Cherry on the Top and we can all HIGHLY recommend them – Diane was very helpful, very quick and is clearly a genius in the kitchen!


Obviously we couldn’t have afternoon tea without champagne so we cracked open a bottle – which, as the afternoon progressed into evening, swiftly turned into another and another until we had finished the entire case. Oops! We passed the evening taking obnoxious selfies and obnoxiously sending them to all our best Americans, and then it was time to head over to play with the boys for a while before a night at an old fave, Arena.


And that concludes our birthday season! As sad as it is that our birthdays are over for a while (mine and Kate’s aren’t until the summer, boo) I think it is probably for the best that we stop existing entirely on champagne and cakes…


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