shaken, not stirred

It’s been a cocktail kind of weekend. Kate and I both had big deadlines on Thursday but we couldn’t face yet another Timepiece Friday to celebrate, so instead we held an impromptu cocktail evening in the house. We were slightly limited ingredients wise (we basically had two bottles of champagne and copious amounts of Carlsberg to deal with) but we made a quick trip to Beer Box for some peach schnapps (classy girls) and we were well away. Sophie helpfully provided some raspberries and we brought out the martini glasses, which made things look much more upmarket:


Somehow we ended up going through every single one of my pictures from first year and having a massive reminiscing session, which basically just made us really, really sad that we have to graduate!

Yesterday the fun continued because Kate’s parents and sister are down for the weekend and invited us to join them for cocktails at the Abode Champagne & Cocktail bar. Nicole and I went here in first year with my parents so it was fun to return and their cocktail list is even better than I remembered! I went for the Summer Daze to start, which was a gin, cucumber, mint and lemon kind of concoction and which I loved – although Kate’s dad was less keen!


I also sampled everyone else’s choices, naturally. Sophie’s Banana Rumba was really good but I’m still too freaked out by cream & alcohol to have ordered a whole one for myself. For the second round I had the Plymouth Sling, which is basically a variation on the Singapore Sling with Plymouth gin. It was nice but I preferred the Summer Daze – Nicole said it had a really strong gin flavour but all I could taste was pineapple juice!


Next up it was dinner time. Kate and her family were going to Cote and so Sophie, Nicole and I decided to eat out, too, and settled on Coal. This was a favourite spot of mine and Nicole’s in first year and they’ve changed the menu up a little bit but it was still perfect for what we wanted! I went for the minute steak (bargain at £10.85!) which looked AMAZING.


It was so nice to have steak (it’s really thin which is why it’s soooo large!) but the chips were actually my favourite part, they’d soaked up all the steak juices and they were so good. The garlic butter was also delicious – I’m not usually a fan of butter but it smelt too good not to put a little bit on top of the steak! A bottle of wine was really expensive (or at least relatively to the food menu) so instead we shared a pitcher of sangria – in anticipation of summer, naturally.

To end the night we went to a cocktail party hosted by some friends of ours. We got there at the tail end so we were made some very interesting concoctions – I handed mine over to our friend Matt at one point only to be presented with a drink that smelt and tasted exactly like parma ham. How he created that one I will never know.

Finally it was time to head home! Parent weekends are always my fave, massive thank you to Kate’s mum and dad for the drinks!

Tonight we have another exciting event lined up: we’re going to see Amelie, presented by Edible Cinema. I’m very excited – expect a post very soon about exactly what it entails!


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