rainy friday

Our two medics finished their “Hell Week” (millions of exams) yesterday and so we celebrated in style in Exeter’s classiest joint, Arena. Needless to say, this morning we were all feeling slightly (!) fragile, but instead of hanging around the house whining like we would usually do, we decided to head off out on a wholesome country outing.


It was raining, but we all jumped into the Preshmobile anyway and headed off to Dawlish. We were on an absolute mission so we stopped at several pubs along the way and didn’t deem any of them suitable. Clearly we got some sort of karmic punishment for doing this because when we did eventually find one that looked perfect (The Railway Inn) we later discovered they weren’t doing food till later in the day!


By this point it was really raining and we were all hungry/hungover so in a moment of desperation, we threw ourselves through the doors of Bailey’s Cafe/Restaurant on the front – a place so classy it doesn’t even have a website. It was hilarious – it was like being in a school canteen or a scene in Skins. Actually though, the menu was pretty much perfect for what we wanted – Sophie and Presh had ham, egg and chips and Nicole and I had the same with sausage.


We doused them with salt and vinegar, obviously, and spent a while laughing at how generally hilarious our lives are. Then we headed next door to the Amusement arcade to waste all our 2ps (or convert actual money into 2ps to waste). I was massively underprepared so I only had 40p but that passed quite a while on the old 2p machines!


When everyone’s funds had run out, we decided to head for more food. We decided on a tearoom called A Piece Of Cake, which was right next to where we had parked the car.


This was possibly the best decision we have ever made. The place was adorable, all decorated with brightly coloured table cloths and an eclectic collection of teapots, vintage cameras and other general kitsch-y items. We all ordered cream teas – whatever tea you wanted, a scone, clotted cream and jam for £3.60. Bargain! And LOOK how good it was:




It was seriously incredible. The scones were the same size as our faces and they were still warm – absolutely delicious! It all looked good enough that the old people on the table next to us stopped their conversation to tell us how beautiful it looked and ask if we were celebrating someone’s birthday. No no – just a small post-lunch snack.

The lady that ran the place was absolutely lovely and gave us some leaflets to give to our friends that give 15% off if you spend more than £7.50 so if you want one, hit us up, and if you’re ever in Dawlish, we can highly recommend A Piece of Cake! They also have a vast selection of delicious looking cakes that unfortunately we were just too full to sample.

Eventually we had to head home for an evening of Comic Relief and homemade pizzas (not that I am hungry again). It was the perfect way to spend a rainy Friday and we will definitely be repeating our visits to the coast when it gets a bit sunnier!


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