The Living Room

First, I just have to show off how pretty Exeter’s Streatham Campus was looking the other day in the sunshine.


After a lovely sunny day spent working on campus (what fun) I returned home in time for our house end of term dinner – actually our first house dinner we have ever done. Shameful, really. Our destination of choice was The Living Room, a restaurant literally around the corner that came highly recommended by our fellow students and which, despite our best intentions, we had yet to visit.


The place is unassuming on the outside, with just a yellow awning and in the summertime some tables outside. Inside, as you can see, it looks just like somebody’s living room, but with extra tables. We settled ourselves in the window and began to peruse the menu.


There are various “specials” on every night and Monday night is Steak night. This also meant that much of the menu wasn’t on offer – as the waiter/owner/everything else told us, it is steak night for a reason and he was working by himself that night. Luckily, with steak, chips, salad & a glass of wine for £12, we were all (with the exception of Nicole) happy to oblige.


The steak was really good – a perfect medium rare. The man had been a little heavy with the black pepper, but I scraped it a little bit and it was fine. Incidentally, we knew he was cooking them exactly to order because the restaurant got a little bit smoky while we were waiting. The charms of a local independent! Nicole had a club sandwich which she highly recommends, and afterwards, three of our party (surprisingly not me or Sophie) indulged in today’s other special, blackberry and apple crumble. I opted not to partake – how very good of me – but I did sample some of Kate’s and it was very good and really generous portions.

We’ll definitely be returning to the Living Room next term. The brunch menu is famous around these parts and famously cheap, too, so we’re resolved to finally drag our hungover selves there one day very soon!


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