Cote Brasserie

This week, Sophie and I were very kindly invited by Cote Exeter to go there for lunch, so that we can review them for The Tab (perks of the job). So on Friday lunchtime we headed off through the hideous rain and wind to Cathedral Green.


When we arrived, we were whisked straight to our table by the window. It would have been a gorgeous view if it wasn’t so grey! It took us ages to decide what we wanted. They have a fab two or three course lunch/early evening menu which I definitely want to go back for one day soon!


Eventually I ordered the Prawn Gratinee and Sophie, upon the recommendation of our lovely waitress, got the charcuterie board. My prawn dish was a bit more tomato-y than I was expecting but it was really really good, I stole some of Sophie’s bread to mop up the rest of the sauce and it was yum!



We also ordered a glass of wine each. We went for the Lagarde Blanc, which was described as tasting like green apple and citrus fruit. I mention this ’cause it actually did taste like green apple! Which was a bit of a novelty for us. It was really good, I wanted another glass but also had this to contend with…


This is the magnificent Cassoulet de Toulouse. I have two words: duck confit. Apart from the fact it looks hilariously similar to my starter, this was incredible. As well as the duck (literally my favourite thing ever), it had haricot beans, bacon, and Toulouse sausage in it, so it was a veritable meat feast and absolutely delicious – although so filling! Sophie ordered the seabass which looked fab and was definitely a lighter option than mine. We also ordered potato gratin & green beans as a side – I have been really loving green beans lately.

By this point we were seriously stuffed but we thought it would be rude not to get dessert. I got the Tarte Fine aux Pommes, and Sophie had the Praline Crepe. I didn’t sample hers but it looked amazing, and my apple tart was delicious – it was lighter than most which was only a good thing at this point!


Jorik the manager gave us a little tour of the upstairs, which I didn’t even know existed. It’s really really nice up there, it’s way bigger than it looks and when it’s sunny it must have gorgeous views over Cathedral Green.

Eventually after Sophie’s requisite cup of tea we dragged our very full selves back out into the rain and walked very slowly home. We felt very extravagant having such a massive meal at lunch time but it was definitely worth it – we’re well prepared for our futures as ladies who lunch! (Also – thanks to Cote for such a fab time!)


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