cultural encounters in Epcot

I’m not going to bore anyone with blow-by-blow accounts of my family vacay (although I do have my fair share of hilarious anecdotes) but Monday, I reckon, was an afternoon worthy of reporting. After a morning spent at the outlet mall (highly unsuccessful on my part – all I bought was a pair of sandals) we headed to Epcot to hit up one of my favourite places on Disney property: the World Showcase.



new shoes!

World Showcase features 12 (I think) pavilions, each of them featuring a different country. I’m not sure how authentic each one is, but they’re definitely interesting and a lot of fun to wander around.

Right now, Epcot is holding their annual Flower & Garden Festival and this year as a new addition each pavilion also has a food & drink station with fun and exotic cuisines from each country. Right up my street, obviously! I tried the Pan-fried Vegetable Bun in China. It was a lot bigger than I was expecting, which was not a bad thing! My brother had the Pancake with Grilled Chicken & Apple, which sounds a strange combination but was actually very nice.



We also played with various Chinese paraphernalia. Here’s middle cousin modelling a v fetching fan and hat:


Having travelled most of the way around the world, we were Japan-bound for dinner. The restaurant is called Teppan Edo and is a tepan-yaki style, where the chef cooks everything right in front of you.


view from the restaurant terrace

The twelve of us had to be split over two tables which was a shame but it was so fun! We were sharing a table with a couple from California who I think were a bit bemused and my two cousins were absolutely entranced and concentrated so hard on everything the chef was doing!


chef at work!

For dessert I sampled some authentic Japanese sweets from the shop. I had no idea what they were but there was a picture of cherries on the front and the lady at the till told me they were her favourite so I figured I’d made a good choice. I was right – they were really nice, they were sort of like our fruit jellies but the sugar was like powdered sugar…I’m doing a terrible job of explaining but they were good!


We finished the evening with one of my favourite firework shows of all time, Illuminations. Perfect way to finish a kind-of-cultured day!



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