Boma, Animal Kingdom Lodge, FL

I told myself I wouldn’t get all review-y while in Disney World, but I cannot resist because this girl has found herself a new restaurant.


For years and years I have been wanting to visit Boma in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge and on Tuesday, I finally got the chance. We had a table booked for 12 of us, but energies were seriously flagging and at one point it looked like we might not go at all: I have to confess that at one point even I thought the pool looked more tempting than a shower and yet another trip out. In the end, though, five of us rallied and headed out, and I was SO glad that we did.


We spent a little bit of time wandering the lobby, which is gorgeous, all high windows and wood carvings, and then while we waited for our table to be ready we headed outside for the best part. Animal Kingdom Lodge is special in that it is basically built on a man-made savannah. This means that giraffes, zebra and various other exotic animals roam freely around in the grounds (fenced off to some degree, obviously, but still). Can you IMAGINE staying in a hotel room with this view?

The sun was setting, there was a campfire with kids making s’mores and it was just absolutely gorgeous: I almost didn’t want to go to our table when the buzzer went off! But we did, and so we descended down this cool spiral staircase to the restaurant.


I didn’t actually take any pictures of what I ate, but the food was amazing. Boma is, naturally, an African restaurant, and it’s a buffet so I tried a whole bunch of different stuff. Amongst my faves were “fufu” (tasted like mashed sweet potato), the salmon, which was cooked with olives, chili and lots of other things with exotic names, and all the cool salads (watermelon rind anyone?) and dressings they had.

The best part, though, was probably dessert, and that I took a picture of. I was already stuffed but luckily everything was miniaturized so I could try a bit of everything!



That was my plate, and from the top going clockwise we have: peanut butter mousse on a peanut brittle-y base; a zebra dome, which was my absolute favourite and was some sort of amaretto mousse cased in white chocolate; passion fruit pannacotta on apricot jelly (and how adorable is that whipped cream shell?) and finally, a chocolate-cinnamon mousse. I wish I’d left myself more space so I could have had more!

I’m SO pleased we went to Boma, it was really really fantastic and I’d advise anyone going to Disney any time soon to definitely go! Definitely planning a trip to Animal Kingdom Lodge at some point in the future…


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