the wishlist: summer dresses

Well, I’m back from the States. With summer coming up and all the balls, birthday parties and general fun in the sun that goes with it, I’ve spent my evenings productively looking up dresses I want to buy.

This cream skater dress from Oh My Love is gorgeous and a total bargain at £35! I love how it’s demure from the front and all pretty and strappy in the back, and it’s called Thrill Seeker, which I enjoy…

I’m also loving this from Nasty Gal, £37.50 + postage of $15 (about £11 probably), so also not too bad! I used to be very against all this leather/PU stuff everywhere but I’ve embraced it recently and now I can’t get enough. My only concern with this is it’s not really that summery, but at least I’d definitely be able to wear it in Winter as well.

Another gorgeous one from Nasty Gal – this one is a bit more expensive at £57 which is way out of my budget for such a daytime dress but boooo, I love it! I’m also loving the model’s sunglasses – are those cat ears on them?!

Predictable choice from Topshop and I think I’d have to try this on to check the shape and stuff but I LOVE the colour and the PU stripe down the front – this is one that’d work for all year round so it’s an investment, right?

Right, I think that’s enough for now. My thoughts, by the way, are completely with Boston (and Texas) this week – I’ve been glued to the news. It’s been an awful, awful week for the USA and I can only hope things return to “normal” (as much as possible) very soon!


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