procrastination 101

Hey, if you, too, have a dissertation and your last ever undergrad essay due in a week and were wondering what might be some fun ways to kill some all-important time, read on! Here’s my top seven tips, according to my iPhone, on how to waste as much time as physically possible while still having a whole lot of fun.

1. Take and send as many snapchats as physically possible. Take several draft snapchats that you don’t send but practise angles, hilarious faces, and drawing techniques on.


2. Paint your nails every different shade of pink you have in your collection


3. Melt chocolate and dip strawberries in it. Kind of healthy, right?


4. Go to Nando’s. This advice stands for all life events, really. Just always go to Nando’s.


5. Go to Topshop, pick up a whole pile of stuff you might wanna wear for various summer events, and try it all on.


6. Go to Cathedral Green (or your local equivalent), preferably on a sunny St George’s day, and sit there for hours people watching and reading (SUCH an English student move)


7. Have a date night with your housemate including wine and a delicious healthy salad.


So there we go. Not only a great way to waste time, but also the perfect way to kick off the summer season!


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