Cosy Club, Exeter

I’m fairly sure that the week before the big dissertation hand in isn’t supposed to be this chilled, but on Sunday night Sophie returned to the Submarine and we decided to celebrate the occasion by heading down to The Cosy Club. We have been anxiously awaiting its opening since we found out it was coming to Exeter so it was high on the list for this term! It’s down in Southernhay Gardens, an end of town we don’t go to very often, so it’s a little bit off the beaten track for us which is also fun.

I’d had Cosy Club described to me as a mix between Bills & Boston Tea Party (as everybody knows, my two favourite places) and that is pretty much accurate. Inside is GORGEOUS, with cool lamps, taxidermy and diagrams of skeletons and stuff all over the walls. We chose some squishy sofas at one end of the room and settled in to get a look at the menu.


The menu is pretty much the perfect length – not too short, but not too long that it is impossible to pick what you want. That said, it took a LOT of deciding! We (mostly I) quickly established a rule that nobody was allowed to pick the same drink as anybody else – it’s a pet hate of mine anyway and we had to try as many as physically possible!

Several intense decision making minutes later, we headed over to the bar area to order. It’s a huge space with loads more cool pictures on the walls, delicious looking cakes and muffins to buy and even jars of jellybeans and various other sweets for the table! YUM.


Catastrophe struck when the bartender (who was lovely) informed me that my choice (apple, raspberry and mint martini) wasn’t available due to a lack of mint on the premises, so I quickly decided on the Old Colonial Iced Tea: Smirnoff, Gordon’s, Cointreau, and the secret ingredient, Earl Gray syrup, topped off with lemonade.


Sorry, that picture is awful quality…I need to invest in a real camera one of these days! 21st birthday present maybe? Anyway, my Old Colonial was very nice, it tasted enough like tea to make it interesting but not enough to make it super weird. Sophie had the Sherbert St Clements, which was fab, Presh had the Cherry Bakewell which was equally nice, and Nicole had the “East India, Old Chap” (which of course she insisted on saying the whole name of the whole night). I wasn’t actually a huge fan of that but it had pineapple juice in it and I don’t really like pineapple juice anyway.

We decided we hadn’t sampled nearly enough of the menu yet so went for round 2. Sadly I can’t remember what Presh and Nicole had, but Sophie and I shared “Put the Ketel On,” which was another tea-themed cocktail that comes in a teapot – always a winner! It’s for 2 to share and works out a (bit of a) bargain at £12.50 (cocktails average about £7 each), and it has in it Ketel One Citroen, raspberries, lemon, and elderflower presse.


It was delicious! It was an unexpectedly pink colour and tasted more of raspberries than I’d expected, the taste reminded me of wine gums which was a nice surprise.

There are still plenty of cocktails left on the menu that we want to try – the raspberry, apple & mint martini for one! Food is, of course, always my main priority so I will definitely be sampling both their regular menu and the breakfast/brunch menu at some point (hopefully) very soon. I’d like to see it on a night other than a Sunday, I bet it has a great atmosphere with a few more people in there. All in all, a fab night and a very welcome new addition to Exeter!


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