a taste of freedom

Well, we might not officially be “done” until tomorrow, but as you may have gathered, we’ve been taking this week pretty easy in our house.

We spent Monday sitting here in one of Exeter’s ultimate student favourites, The Impy, drinking our way through several pitchers of Pimm’s (the sun was shining and I’d just finished a shift at work…we deserved it!)


Yesterday, Sophie and I went on a little explore of Exeter that took us through one of our very favourite places, St Luke’s. Isn’t it pretty?


I donned my beloved Jollies socks to ward off the cold in the Submarine…


…and we settled down to embark upon a little craft project we’d bought at Wilkinsons that morning. Fast forward a few hours, and we’d made ourselves these little beauties:


Cool, right? We were all very pleased with ourselves and our artistic capabilities – not bad for £1.50!

Today was a momentous occasion because we ACTUALLY BOUND AND PRINTED OUR DISSERTATIONS. Printing was harder than you might imagine, and took us around an hour and a half of wandering around and failing to use technology, but eventually it was done so we secured those babies in our bags and headed to the quay for some lunch and a wander.


We chose a little spot called Mango’s and sat in the gorgeous sunshine, overlooking the water. I had a chicken, bacon and avocado wrap, and Sophie had a chorizo panini, and we washed both down with a celebratory Corona.


After lunch we wandered around the various shops that the quay has to offer, mentally furnishing our future homes and picking out which dog we’d most like to own out of the many we passed.


And, naturally, we finished the afternoon with an ice cream – Salcombe Dairy honeycomb flavour for both of us. Here’s Sophie modelling hers.


Tomorrow is the big day, i.e the day we hand in our last undergraduate work ever and officially finish our degree, so we’re all counting down the minutes until bed time so that the fun can really begin. It’s exactly like Christmas Eve!


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