here comes the sun

Well, at long last, I can officially say that I HAVE FINISHED MY DEGREE!

I have very mixed feelings about this, obviously, and am still not really any closer to figuring out what I wanna do with my life than I was in first year, but the day we officially completed our degree, Thursday, was a day entirely dedicated to celebrating.

Obviously as we handed over the dissertations that have plagued our lives for five months now, we had to get a ceremonial picture taken. It felt weirdly like I was handing over my child to a stranger, but at the same time I was very glad to have it done and finally gone!


A lovely lady was offering free cake which Sophie and I happily partook in, and then the four of us headed out into the gorgeous sunshine, doing our best not to look smug at all the poor souls in the library (we didn’t really try very hard actually). We were headed to Bill’s, our favourite spot and habitual hang out, for brunch, and obviously kicked things off with a well-earned bottle of champagne.


I had scrambled eggs & smoked salmon on toast which was delish – I’m generally a bit worried about ordering scrambled eggs in restaurants cause often they are too milky or seasoned or whatever, but I am pleased to report that Bill’s did a fab job! What else would we expect?


Lucy went for the vegetarian breakfast, which looked fab, Alex had the same as me but with bacon instead of smoked salmon, and Sophie ordered the pancakes with a side of bacon. Quite the feast!


After a couple of hours setting the world to rights and regularly declaring our utter disbelief that WE ARE ACTUALLY FINISHED, we went back up to the Impy to meet up with our fellow English students. The weather had defied the forecast and it was an absolutely beautiful day, so we settled ourselves in the beer garden with several pitchers and all my favourite English students.



Obviously as Alex was there there were a LOT of pictures taken. She reckons she has a special relationship with Sophie’s camera…





Time passed way too quickly and at about half four we made the decision to head back to the Submarine for a little break (and some mini poppadoms, prawn crackers and pizza, naturally) before we cracked open a bit more champagne and the Smirnoff, ready for our night at Arena. Obviously spirits were very high in Exeter’s classiest club and it was so fun to see everybody and celebrate with everyone!

So basically, Thursday was THE most perfect day. Sadly we paid the price yesterday…but it was worth it!


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