bank holiday monday at Tea on the Green

After a leisurely couple of days relishing in our new freedom and having our first spontaneous BBQ of the year, my housemate Kate and I decided to celebrate bank holiday Monday in style. She had already planned to go shopping with another friend, so I tagged along and the three of us headed into town bright and early.

I’d decided that I hadn’t really treated myself for being finished, so I indulged a little bit in some new nail varnish, a gold eye crayon from Topshop that I’ve been lusting after for weeks, and their cool swirly gold/pink bronzer/blusher thing. And possibly also some clothes from H&M. Then we decided to head to the gorgeous Cathedral Green for lunch.



We thought it would be super busy at Tea On The Green, my favourite spot, ’cause it’s a) a bank holiday and b) ridiculously gorgeous out, but we spotted a little table in the sunshine and pounced.


After a little chat from (what I assume was) the lovely manager, who listed off their impressive specials, we perused the menu and noticed that a whole bottle of prosecco was really not that much more than it would be to order a glass each, and I’m not even exaggerating here – best bargain in the world. So we decided it would be rude to resist.



Perfect! Foodwise, I went for a butternut squash wrap with lettuce, pomegranate seeds & caramelised onions.


Sounds like a strange combination but it really works! I became a huge fan of butternut squash this past autumn but it’s such a nightmare to cut so I was quite happy to let the lovely people at TotG do it for me.

We sat in the sun for a little while longer soaking up the atmosphere and chatting before it was time to continue on with our little shopping mission. Gorgeous day and as ever, I highly recommend Tea on the Green. Great service, great food and cheap prosecco, not to mention my bag full of new goodies – what better way to spend a bank holiday Monday?!

(Also, one last thing – while I was out, my housemate Sophie texted me to tell me that this blog has been featured on Her Campus Exeter‘s guide to Exeter student blogs! So a big thanks to HC for this and check out the article, there are some great finds on there!)


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