checking in

Not too much to report today – except for a lifestyle overhaul for Kate and I! The uni gym is offering a month’s access for £25 which we decided to take them up on, and have planned a hectic exercise schedule that I have no doubt we will severely regret this time next week.


In keeping with our new keep fit regime, we are doing our best to stay away from our house vice: baking. However we are not total angels just yet so the other day when the cake-cravings hit, we headed to the corner shop, melted down some giant buttons and chopped up some spare fruit for a spontaneous fondue session in front of one of my all time favourite films, St Trinian’s. I’d forgotten just how much I love that movie and it was a fab way to spend the evening!


Yesterday saw our long-awaited gym induction. It was raining when we left the house and neither of us were feeling very motivated but as soon as I jumped on my cross trainer I was so glad we’d come and actually – shock – enjoyed myself!

We were feeling very virtuous and good about ourselves when we got home – and then Kate’s friend Hannah decided to come round, and all of a sudden a bottle and a half of wine was introduced and we were having an impromptu girls’ night in. We deserved a reward though, right?


This evening we’re off to Cornwall for a weekend at my friend Will’s house in Fowey. I am SO excited about this, we’re having a massive catch up with the boys from first year, so I’m sure there’ll be country walks, cider and wholesome pictures galore when I get back!



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