fowey: day 1

As promised, this weekend three of my housemates and I headed down to Fowey, Cornwall, to spend the weekend at our friend Will’s beautiful house. We’ve been a couple of times before, including one spontaneous mother’s day trip in first year and one very idyllic, Famous Five-esque week in June of the same year, and this weekend only proved that trips to Fowey are always incredible. This year after months of talking about it, we’d finally arranged for everyone (ex flatmates and original best first year friends) to get together for a weekend, and as you can imagine, we were VERY excited.


Kate, Nicole and I arrived in Friday afternoon and were picked up at the station by the lovely Will. The weather was greyer than we’d hoped, but it was so lovely to be back in the house (which is incredibly ridiculously gorgeous and has THE most incredible views over the water)! We had a little catch up and then cracked out one of our ultimate favourite board games, Killer Bunnies (one of the strangest, most fun games ever), had a cheeky G&T, and proved our absolute uselessness at pool (much to Will’s despair!).



As there were only four of us, we decided to go out for dinner so we raided Will’s family’s supply of raincoats and headed out into Fowey.


Will took us a place called Sam’s which proved an extremely good choice. Even though it’s still off season and the weather was gross, the restaurant was packed and they told us we’d have a 30 minute wait – but they have a fab system that meant we could place our order and then go upstairs and wait at the bar while we waited for our table. This suited us down to the ground, and there was a cocktail menu to die for. After deliberating between a blueberry daiquri and an apple mojito, I went for the apple mojito, which was delicious – I don’t often have flavoured mojitos but it worked perfectly! Nicole had an Alabama Slammer, a fond favourite of mine from last year, Kate had a Dune Bug which was delicious, and Will had a Dark & Stormy which, again, was fab.




It wasn’t long at all before our table was called, and our food arrived almost immediately. Great way to do wait times! The others had all opted for cheeseburgers of various sorts, and I had a chicken burger. They all came with salad, coleslaw and fries, and the fries especially were SO good!


After dinner Will headed out to get our lovely but slightly hopeless ex-flatmate Patrick, who, true to form, had come on a different train than we were expecting – AND got off at the wrong station! Classic Patrick move – luckily St Austell, the next stop, was not too far so Will & Kate went to pick him up, and we spent the evening catching up, drinking more G&T and eating celebrations. Finally, Will and I returned to the train station to pick up Sophie, and after a little more catching up and a few more Celebrations, we all headed up to bed ready for the fun to continue!


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