fowey: day 2

On Saturday morning, us girls were up first so we headed out into Fowey to pick up breakfast for everyone. Aren’t we good? After a long time deliberating in the bakery, we opted for a pastry each and bread and croissants for the boys and headed back to the house.


After a quick trip to the supermarket to stock up on supplies for the weekend, we decided it was time for lunch. We planned to combine it with a country walk, so once again we raincoated up and headed to the butcher for a good old Cornish pasty, a Fowey tradition of ours.


We took our pasties down to the town quay, and then we set off for our walk – only for it to promptly start raining. We abandoned the plan and instead headed back to the house to crack open the Blackberry & Elderflower Pimms and play another quick round of Killer Bunnies.

At about 4, Daryl arrived, and the rain had stopped, so we headed out for our country walk, round 2. Lucky for us and all our unsuspecting facebook friends, resident photographers Sophie and Patrick were on hand to capture every moment.





By the time we got back we’d all built up quite the appetite, so we cracked open a second bottle of Pimms and the crisps that we’d bought at the supermarket earlier, which disappeared alarmingly quickly, and set to work chopping apples for Will’s famed tarte tatin. Eventually, the last member of our little dysfunctional family Jordan arrived, the sun came out, and finally we were complete! And look what an INCREDIBLE view Will’s kitchen has:


As more and more Pimms was consumed and catching up was done, preparations for dinner got increasingly sloppy – it was just so nice to have everyone together! At one point we moved the paella from the Aga upstairs to the second kitchen downstairs and from that moment I think it was a given that the paella was not going to go well. Luckily Daryl stepped in to save the day, and, eventually, the paella was served, followed by Will’s tarte tatin, which he had somehow transformed from a bowl of apples into a full on TT without anyone even noticing.



The rest of the evening passed in a blur of wine, gin & elderflower “cocktails” (measurements increasingly dubious), board games and pool. I like to think we got better as the night progressed but I’m sure the boys would say otherwise. For some reason at about 11:30 we decided to all go to the pub, which I’m sure the locals loved, and then returned to the house to lounge around on sofas. Gradually people started drifting off to bed, and when Daryl, Sophie, Nicole and Kate started grating cheese (using a lemon zester) for cheese on toast, I decided to leave them to it and do the same. Easily one of the most fun nights of the year with all my very favourite people!


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