fowey: day 3

If you’ve been bored by my minutely detailed account of our trip to Fowey, fear not ’cause it’s nearly over, and this is just a short one!

We were all feeling slightly (!) fragile on Sunday morning, but luckily we’d planned ahead and already bought all the necessary ingredients for a full English. When the last of the boys had finally materialised from their various bedrooms, we all set to work and soon we had a spread of carefully-rationed bacon, eggs, sausage and ridiculous amounts of toast. Nobody really had any energy to do anything but lounge around on the sofas, but we did work up the energy to venture out into the crappy weather to buy pasties, cakes and fudge which was quite a heroic effort!



After a long and very relaxing afternoon playing board games and generally chilling out, our attentions turned to the weekend’s grand finale, our roast. Will had generously provided a joint of lamb which he cooked to absolute perfection and the rest of us took charge of the potatoes, parsnips, carrots and various accompaniments.




This, complete with candlelight, good red wine and, obviously, the best company I could ask for, made for a perfect way to end the perfect weekend. Massive thank you to the ever-obliging Will for allowing us the use of his house. I wish we could spend all our weekends in Fowey!


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