tea & gin

Quite spontaneously, we decided to throw a sophisticated cocktail soiree at the Submarine last night. We ordered some arbitrary supplies (buying alcohol before deciding what we wanted to make was possibly an error), gathered together a group of fellow-finishees, and demanded that they all bring an ingredient of their choice. We chopped up mint, lemon, cucumber and apples (for Pimms) and even dished out some crisps for a classy nibble.


Our first creations mainly involved gin, elderflower presse, and various combinations of the green & lemon-y stuff. However, then we remembered a recipe we’d found for Earl Grey Martinis, and then the fun really began. We used this recipe from BBC Good Food, only we couldn’t be bothered to make sugar syrup so we just used lemonade and didn’t put the lemon juice in. First up, let the teabags steep in gin for ten minutes.


Looks a bit like mud, doesn’t it? At this point we were quite sceptical but we pressed on, and strained the teabags & gin through a sieve into our cocktail shaker. Then just add lemonade, shake it all up, and pour! Pop a slice of lemon in, and you’re done.


These tasted REALLY good, easily my favourite creation of the night! I would definitely recommend them – they’re not too tea-tasting and not too strong either (although you could obviously add more gin), and right on cocktail-trend!

As the evening progressed we got less experimental and retreated back to old favourites like Pimm’s Royal and Tequila Sunrise, while indulging ourselves in deep & meaningfuls till the early hours of the morning. Super fun night, and in lieu of glamorous photographic evidence, I’ll leave you with this gem:



2 thoughts on “tea & gin

  1. Oooh Earl Grey & Gin, how old school! I can totally imagine ladies in their super corseted dresses drinking it over in Old Colonial India! How refined!
    Well done for finishing
    x x

  2. this looks very intriguing!! I’m definitely going to have to try one of these! You’ve given me the idea to host a cocktail evening too:) Hope you enjoy your freedom after exams! x

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