let’s get physical: week 1

This week, Kate and I have been fulfilling our ambitious promises of regular exercise. In an effort to combat the luxuries (gluttonies?) of Fowey, we’ve been hitting the gym and making a dent in the fitness class timetable. We want to try as many different classes as possible in our month membership, which is proving more difficult that we anticipated given that classes apparently book up ten days in advance! But so far, we have tried:

Zumba (Monday): I was dubious about this one – I went to Zumba a couple of times at W&M last year and found the whole thing a little bit ridiculous. But it was actually really fun, and a good one to kickstart our new fitness regime because it’s quite good for cardio but it doesn’t feel difficult. The instructor was hilarious and highly enthusiastic (you have to be, really, don’t you?) and at one point even had us compete in a Burlesque dance-off which was…interesting. I liked it cause I got to indulge my GCSE dance skills and you can be very dramatic with some of the moves, and we got to cool-off to Michael Buble which is always a plus. I’d give it maybe 4 out of 5 because as much as I enjoyed it, I didn’t feel like it was a particularly intense workout and I couldn’t feel it the next day – maybe I wasn’t trying hard enough!

Pilates (Tuesday): I was really looking forward to this but slightly scared that it might be a bit intense. Last year I was a huge fan of “power yoga” and “yogilates” but the one time I went to an actual straight Pilates class it nearly killed me, and that was when I was going to gym 3/4 times a week, so I was concerned that I might end up dead. But it wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought it was going to be. This instructor was hilarious too, chatting away and making up her own pilates moves, so it was a bit different to your average class. It was clear that a lot of the people there were regulars which was nice! I could feel it a bit the next day – I reckon if I went like twice a week this would really have an effect and each class focuses on a different “theme”/targets different areas so definitely worth a repeat.

LBT (Friday): This was by far the hardest class! We started off with some cardio/aerobic stuff on the step, which brought back memories of year 11 PE classes, and then moved onto some weight stuff, at which point I thought I might die – Kate and I had been a little ambitious with our weight selections given our amateur status. Finally, we did some ab/thigh stuff on the floor which was just nicely difficult. I can already feel it in my legs, so our trip to the Devon County Show tomorrow might be a little more painful than planned!

Out of the three, I’d say that Zumba was the most fun, and LBT the most effective and the one I’d be most inclined to become a regular in if I seriously wanted to get fit/wasn’t determined to try as many different classes as possible. Next week, we have Pump & Tone (oh God), Spinning and Express Pilates planned, so I’ll let you know how they go!


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