Devon County Show

Yesterday was a day we have been looking for for many months now: The Devon County Show. We had bagged press passes but we’re not quite swish enough for anything other than public transport yet, so we donned our special gold medallions and boarded the bus.


Unfortunately, it turned out the entirety of the rest of the world was also heading to the show, so after sitting on a ridiculously hot and ridiculously stationary bus for an hour, we made the decision to get off and walk the rest of the 2 mile trip. Nobody says we aren’t dedicated.

Anyway, we finally arrived, and first up we met our new favourite animals in the world: alpacas!


Aren’t they ridiculously adorable? These two were my favourites – look at them posing!


There was SO much to see and do, but we largely concentrated on the various farm animals. There was a tent for every type of farm animals you could find, and I photographed all my favourite specimens.




We even met a pig that was for sale…WITH MY NAME!



Obviously, the trip wouldn’t have been complete without a trip to the Food & Drink Pavilion, which we stupidly almost missed out altogether because none of us can read a map. We sampled various baked goods, chutneys and so on – sadly it didn’t quite match up to the Food Fest – and then decided on ice cream, for most of the girls, or ice cream AND a burger/bacon sandwich, for Kate and I. I was hungry – whatever.


On our way out, we stumbled across a tent that was home to some stupidly cute baby animals such as this sheep, which kept sticking his head out of the pen and nudging my leg. I think he wanted a picture.


And we also met these guys, two baby goats and a mummy goat. We thought they were pretty cute but when the one little one jumped aboard his mum we fell completely in love!


Overall, the DCS was such a fun day out and we were so lucky with the weather, which was gorgeous! It was also VERY busy and we were all absolutely exhausted by the end, so there was loads more we could have seen but we decided to call it a day with the baby animals and headed home to watch Eurovision and eat prawn crackers. Did anyone else really, really want Belarus to win?! (And on that note, does anyone want to buy me an alpaca?)


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