let’s get physical: week 2

We have been persevering with our gym routine! This week has seen a considerable step-up, difficulty wise, which is probably for the best given that we spent all of our day off baking and we have a fun-/alcohol-and-brunch-packed weekend ahead of us. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Pump & Tone (Monday): BY FAR the hardest class we’ve done so far. We basically worked through three phases: some stepwork, with handweights, followed by squatting and stuff with a weighted bar (which terrified Kate and I when we walked in), and finally everybody’s favourite, the plank – and then everything all over again. I was right next to the clock which was a serious error, ’cause I was excruciatingly aware of how much longer we still had to go. That said, I thought I was going to be seriously dying the next day and I was actually fine, just a little bit achey in the arms, so it obviously wasn’t as hideous as I thought and on reflection, I think I would go again – I’m just not sure I’d enjoy it that much!

Spinning (Wednesday): I was dubious about this as I’m not generally a huge fan of stationary bikes and they tend to hurt my knees, but I had to see what all the fuss was about. After a bit of a false start when I couldn’t figure out how to set up my bike, the lovely instructor got me all set up and ready to go and we began. It is only a 45 minute class and I think both Kate and I were a bit overly cautious with upping our resistance throughout because we weren’t sure how much harder it was going to get – it actually went really fast and I think next time I could probably do more! It was still a great workout though, and I liked the way it was broken up into 4 or 6 minute chunks so the time seemed to go faster, although those solid 6 minutes of cycling did drag on! I’d definitely repeat this, it’s a great one for cardio and is basically just like the actual gym but with more motivation. (Although it did hurt my knee, so maybe I shouldn’t go so often)

Pilates Express (Thursday): After our surprisingly easy Pilates class last week, we were interested to see whether “Express” would involve more intensity, or just less time. It turned out to be the latter. It’s a very relaxing class and nice and stretchy but it’s not the best workout. In fact, Kate and I were feeling so un-worn out by the whole thing that we did 20 minutes on the cross trainers immediately after, just to get our cardio in. The Pilates instructor is my favourite staff member yet though, and I think that this combined with a lot of cardio/other stuff would really work well.

Next week, I believe, sees our return to Pump & Tone and God knows what else. Seeya on the other side!


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