Yesterday, after a fun-filled night at the notorious Lemmy (Exeter’s SU equivalent) the day before, Sophie and I were up bright and early and absolutely delighted with the weather. We’d already planned to go to the beach, so we grabbed our stuff and headed out – with a little pitstop to The Living Room round the corner for a full English breakfast, a total bargain at £4!

We slightly mistimed our arrival at the station so that we JUST missed one train and had to wait half an hour, and then our train was absolutely ridiculously packed. The aisles were filled with people standing, and in the end one lovely man made his little boy sit on his lap so that both Sophie and I could squish on next to him, making a grand total of 4 people on 2 seats. We discovered that it was the Exmouth Festival, which, combined with the gorgeous weather, was the reason that the whole of Devon was Exmouth-bound.

Eventually we got there and settled ourselves on a blanket to await the arrival of the rest of the crew. Aside from the wind, it was perfect weather and Exmouth was looking beautiful as usual.



Eventually everyone arrived, complete with picnic from the lovely Ricky (bless). We relocated to a slightly less windy spot and spent a lovely lovely afternoon chilling out in the sun. Obviously this was well documented in pictures.





Eventually we realised that it was getting late and we also didn’t have any food in the house, so even though we’d had a cooked breakfast, ice cream and burgers already that day, we decided to opt for chips from the fish & chip shop. We ate them on the grass overlooking some sort of estuary – very romantic!


We were absolutely exhausted when we got home – Saturday night antics combined with all that sun & sea air – and the backs of my legs are sunburnt to say the least, but we had big plans for the evening and soldiered on. Perfect bank holiday activities and the best sort of recovery day!


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