let’s get physical: week 3

Just a short one this week! We had had spinning, pilates and another session of Pump & Tone lined up, but for various reasons, we had to cancel both spinning and P&T, which left us with:

Pilates (Tuesday): As per, this seemed more interpretative dance than pilates – there is a hilarious warm up that reminds me of ballet classes as a child. This week, we were also doing various things with tennis balls. Unconventional but fun! Actually, it was a little more intense than previous classes and I could feel it in various places the next day which was good. With only one week left on our membership, I don’t think we’re going to get another class in, which is really sad cause I really like the instructor!

Otherwise, I fitted in a fair few trips just to the gym – one of them immediately after Pilates – to get my cardio in. This week, for the first time in my life, I have embraced the treadmill, and I think I almost prefer it to the cross trainer – except for the fact that all the machines face directly up to mirrors! I don’t know whose plan that was cause the last thing I want to look at for half an hour is my face getting increasingly red and sweaty. I find I get a bit bored on the old treadmill and end up randomly pressing buttons to up/down the speed & incline in an effort to keep myself interested. I do kind of enjoy it though, and I’m hoping that if I carry on with the treadmill I might be inspired to go on actual outdoor runs when I can’t go to the gym anymore!

In our final week we’ve got another Spinning & another LBT class booked, and we’re also gonna try out yoga, which I am excited for. I can’t believe the month is nearly over!



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