happy unbirthday to us

It’s been another crazy busy beautiful week in Exeter! Last week saw an epic pancake party followed by an epic tapas feast, our good friend Tom’s 22nd birthday and ensuing night in Arena, and a couple of much-needed rest days after a ridiculous non-stop week. On Friday, though, the fun started up again with a vengeance, because it was mine and Kate’s fake birthday!

We love celebrating in our house and as both Kate and I have summer birthdays and would otherwise have missed out, we decided to assign ourself a new “house birthday” and had arbitrarily decided on Friday 31st May. We knew that Sophie and Nicole had taken on the roles of birthday fairies but we had no idea what to expect, so when we got a text at about 11AM telling us to congregate in the kitchen we were excited to say the least. We found this:


As you can imagine, we were VERY excited. Inside the packages, we found some spectacular sunglasses, which obviously we immediately put on and headed into town.



After a couple of minutes of Kate and I awkwardly giggling outside M&S, Presh appeared and told us we were going for brunch at Tea on the Green. This was a ruse – actually, we were having a champagne (prosecco) picnic on Cathedral Green! Sophie and Nicole were waiting with it all set up.


They’d splashed out on all your picnic essentials, but first up it was presents! I got some gorgeous stuff from the girls including a much-needed new purse and an adorable framed picture of us from our trip to Fowey . Naturally there were also some edible gifts: some amazing cupcakes from Cakeadoodledo in Exeter, courtesy of mummy back home (thanks mum!) and some cookies made by our old friends at Cherry on the Top. The question “parrots or sparrows” has become one of the most hotly contested debates of all time in our house and Diane at CotT did an AMAZING job of turning it into cookies!


Presents unwrapped, it was time to tuck into the picnic goodies (I tried my first ever scotch egg) and, more importantly, the prosecco!




Several sunny hours and four bottles later, we headed back to our house for another hour or so playing Revelations. Kate and I knew that there was more fun in store for the evening but we weren’t sure what, so we were very excited when Nicole and Sophie the birthday fairies sent us up to our room for  a while. We were eventually called down to discover our BFF from last year, Duncan, brandishing Pimm’s, a brilliant home-made card for each of us, and some beautifully decorated balloons.



But that wasn’t even really the surprise part – we were having a BBQ! We set Duncan to work as head chef, but don’t worry, I was on hand to help out!


More and more of our friends turned up throughout the evening and we all had such a fab time – the girls had gone all out with their secret event planning and food buying and we ate our way through approximately six million burgers, sausages, chicken wings and potato wedges.


It was only natural that the evening would progress onto my spiritual home, Timepiece, and as it got darker we retreated inside where copious amounts of wine were consumed and even more beautiful pictures were taken. I think these tell the tale of the night better than I can:




I could not have asked for a better way to spend my “birthday” and got to see pretty much all of my very favourite people. Thank you SO much to the birthday fairies Nicole, Sophie and Presh (and Mae from afar) and to everyone that came to make our day oh-so-special…now bring on the real 21!


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