st luke’s summer fun

On Saturday morning we awoke feeling fresher than we probably deserved, which was good ’cause we had another full day of fun lined up. The sun was shining and we were all starving, so we sent an ever-obliging Matt to the shop to pick up supplies and left him to it in the kitchen. An hour later, and he served up a feast of eggy bread, bacon & sausages – exactly what we needed to reinvigorate ourselves!


We whiled away a few hours in the gorgeous sunshine – which has resulted in some stunning sunburn for several members of the group.


After we’d all persuaded ourselves to get dressed and ready, it was time to head off to St Luke’s for the ever-cringily named “St Luke’s Summer Bash.” This was taking the place of a Summer Ball, and basically entailed a BBQ, ice cream van, Pimm’s tent and lots of inflatable fun on the gorgeous quad.


We sat ourselves down to watch the sports science boys & girls indulge in some volleyball (we are not so athletic).


We couldn’t stay for too long though, because the boys had planned a(nother) BBQ at their house in the break between the daytime and evening parts of the “bash.” So we made a quick pitstop for Pimm’s at Waitrose and headed on down. The boys put in an impressive effort at the old barbeque!


We spent a lovely afternoon in the sun eating way too much food, and with the end of the year on everyone’s minds, there was obviously time for a sentimental group shot.


That evening brought the final part of the “Bash,” essentially a standard bop. I’m a big believer that things that were good in 1st year should be kept in 1st year so I’ve not been a huge fan of the bop this year but I did my duty as a half-Lukie and showed my face. We got to show off our most ridiculous dance moves so that at least is a bonus!


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