Sunday brought the final and most relaxed part of our crazy weekend: the long-awaited Respect festival! Kate, Sophie and I got ourselves all ready and headed on down around 2 in the gorgeous sunshine to find Belmont Park absolutely PACKED, which was great to see!

There was loads going on around the park – it took us quite a while to figure out a route that would allow us to see everything! There were dance classes and demos going on…


And a cool wall where we all pretended we were in Prague.


This photo didn’t work so well for the girls cause of the sun but I was very proud of my “stern father” face so I’m posting it regardless:


I wish I was going to Glasto so I could have justified buying this headband!


When we’d seen (almost) everything there was to offer and wished several times that we were kids/had kids to do the childrens’ activities with, and sunbathed for a while, we succumbed to the temptation of the food stalls. After much deliberation, I went for caribbean.


Although I was very tempted by good old jerk chicken, I decided to take a little walk on the wild side and went for curried goat, which I’d heard great things about but never actually tried. For £6 it came with rice & beans, my absolute favourite side dish and the part that actually sold me to the caribbean stand in the first place.


I was so glad I went for it – it was so good! It reminded me mostly of lamb and was really nicely spicy. I added a good dollop of mango chutney to my rice which only improved things. The only downside was that it was on the bone which made eating it on the grass with wooden cutlery slightly difficult, but I managed! Absolutely delicious and it was nice to try something new – especially after our BBQ filled week!

We finished the evening with cakes, Ice Age and The Proposal at our house before we all fell gratefully into bed, ready to recover after a super fun weekend!


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