The Enchanted Garden Ball is an event that has been in the back of my mind for months and months now. With Sophie on holiday, for some reason neither Kate or I had bothered to get a ticket…until Thursday. Having gone to different pregames, we were reunited in Arena on Thursday night with one thing on our mind: WE HAD TO GO TO THE EGB. Five minutes later and we were in the smoking area with my debit card and trusty iPhone, and before we knew it we had three tickets booked. Yolo?

Since we’d booked our tickets so last minute, all the taxis in Exeter were already booked and the only available coach left campus at 6pm. This meant that we had to start getting ready at 4, but we were so excited it didn’t really matter. I was mostly excited as I finally had the chance to wear the gorgeous Rare London dress I got for my birthday last year! I’ve been waiting for the perfect occasion and now that summer has come around and I am finally tanned again, I decided the time had come. I’d trawled Pinterest to find the perfect hairstyle and ended up doing a kind of adaptation of this. By the time I’d eventually secured it, it was time to leave, so we grabbed our bottle of cava (so classy) and headed out.



As it turned out, the 6pm coaches were also filled with people who had decided to buy last minute tickets and we ended up on the same coach as a lot of our friends which was so much fun. Finally we arrived!




These huge deckchairs were the COOLEST. They are also very difficult to get out of.


This was actually taken by a photographer for a (very) local paper and apparently we’re going to be in the Crediton Courier some day soon – hitting the big time, kids!


After our initial explore, we went for a spot of croquet. I took to it like a pro, obviously.



We also enjoyed the 80s tent!


As it got darker it also got progressively colder and Kate and I began to seriously regret our decision not to bring jackets! Luckily there was a really cool bonfire area we could warm ourselves by…



Somehow, we made it to just past 1pm (with the help of a handy hog roast & a hot dog), doing the laps and seeing all our friends and raving away in the “rave tent.” Eventually it just got TOO cold and so we joined the longest queue in the world for a coach home. I’m so so so SO glad we decided to buy tickets and go – almost everyone we know was there and it was such a nice way to end the year and see everybody all dressed up!


2 thoughts on “EGB

  1. I’m actually so jealous you got there so early – I didn’t arrive until after 9 so I feel like I missed out on lots of things! And I didn’t get to see it in all its glory in the light.. oh well – always next year for me!
    Looks like you had a wonderful time – definitely worthy of a YOLO moment and it’s always the spontaneous nights that turn out the best! X

    1. Yeah, our early coach definitely turned out to be an advantage (although we were SO cold and tired by the time we left) – and you’re right, spontaneity always works out best! xx

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