25 Facts About Me

Hello! Sorry for the absence – it was my last few days in Exeter and I was very keen to document the very last Submarine antics, but our wifi cable completely broke and we have been without internet! I have a TON of sentimental posts and updates (we’ve had the final pretend 21st, an American visitor and a new gaming obsession in the last few days) but in the mean time, here’s a little something I prepared earlier!

I’ve seen this “25 facts about me” post on loads of other blogs and always find it really fascinating, so I’d figured I’d give it a go myself. I love a good bit of self indulgence, so here are 25 facts you probably will never need to know about me. Enjoy!

1. I have the shortest attention span of anyone I know, which means I very rarely watch films.

2. I am also notoriously indecisive

3. I was a painfully, painfully shy child…obviously that has all changed!

4. I have a secret obsession with gymnastics and one of my favourite birthday presents ever was tickets to the Women’s All Around Final in London this summer

5. I’m an absolute Marc Jacobs fangirl and my phone, laptop and makeup all lives in Marc by Marc Jacobs cases – I’d pretty much buy everything he makes and a handbag would be my absolute dream gift (errr hint hint)

6. I’ve seen McFly something ridiculous like 8 times and Take That about 4. I have never claimed to have highbrow tastes.

7. I have a weakness for Tiffany jewellery (who doesn’t)

8. I LOVE kids and my three little cousins are three of my very favourite people in the world

9. I have absolutely no sense of direction to speak of and an extraordinary capability for getting lost

10. I can’t even express how much I love Jamie Oliver

11. When I was in year 12 I was determined to go to US college fulltime and even took the SAT, which meant re-teaching myself Maths I hadn’t looked at for years – luckily my course at Exeter proved a much cheaper way to study in the States!

12. I am a serial girl-crusher. Emma Watson, Keira Knightley, Miley Cyrus…I just want to be them

13. Speaking of Miley, when I was 17 two of my friends and I went to see her in concert and we were six rows from the front and shamelessly LOVED it

14. I also used to be an extremely fussy eater and I still like to know exactly what I’m eating. I also hate cheese of any kind and the very idea of it makes me feel sick

15. I may not watch that many movies, but movie trailers are my thing. Seriously, I’ll happily spend hours watching all the trailers on the Apple website.

16. I joined a sorority during my year abroad and it was easily the best decision I made there

17. I have a habit of proclaiming that absolutely EVERYTHING is “my favourite” (and I also hugely overuse the word “literally”)

18. One of my biggest ambitions is to visit every US state. So far I think I’m on about 13 so there’s a way to go! (My other biggest ambition is to write a novel)

19. I did basically every traditional “little girl” hobby going when I was younger – ballet, horse riding, gymnastics, you name it – and I wish I’d kept up with at least one (gymnastics!)

20. I have to whisper this, but…I kind of think Beyonce is overrated

21. I actually enjoy public speaking

22. One of my biggest vices is crappy reality TV, which is definitely inherited from my mum. Geordie Shore, Dance Moms and basically anything you’ll find on TLC are all huge favourites of mine, and I recently discovered Catfish and Pretty Wild which I’m living for.

23. Last year while in the States I discovered falafel in a BIG way and it’s now one of my favourite foods. Same for avocado.

24. Speaking of food, brunch is my very favourite meal of the day – especially if it’s in a restaurant

25. I did French till AS-level and really kind of miss it! I’d love love to work/live/have a second home in France one day – but when it comes to Europe, Portugal will always have a special place in my heart!

Promise there will be a real update and more fun pictures very soon!


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