final days

In between the EGB and Presh’s birthday, and a little bit beyond, I wanted to make sure that I made the very very best of my last week in Exeter (before Grad Week, and as an undergraduate…indulge me). I was having so much fun that I didn’t really do a good job of taking many pictures, but nonetheless, here’s how I spent my final week:

  • Monday saw the final instalment of a little thing we like to call “Dinner Party Club.” Ricky and Ryan had outdone themselves once more and we arrived to find a stack of freshly-made pizza bases, ready for us to load up with a vast array of toppings and stick in the oven. Here’s Kate’s effort:


  • On Tuesday, Kate and I both worked at Exeter’s Open Day. I’ve worked on a lot of these and I always love them, and this one was especially poignant. I was assigned the role of “human signpost” which I wasn’t originally that excited for, but I got to work with a really fun group and the day passed in a whirl of bad directions and hilarious questions. Gotta love parents!
  • After the open day, we returned to Ricky’s for a BBQ in honour of his birthday, which was during exams. The boys did a stellar job of providing food as per and the sun made a very welcome re-appearance! For some reason everyone was given some piece of novelty headgear so everyone was looking flyyy & we ventured up to their fab balcony’rooftop to survey the gorgeous views over Exe.



  • Finally, we headed home to get ready for a final Cheesy Tuesdays. Snapchat came out, a few (!) sentimental tears were shed, and we ended the night listening to Britney Spears & Westlife’s saddest songs in the Triangle and watching the sun come up before we realised it was probably bedtime. Casual?


  • On Wednesday, we lounged around the Triangle/in Will’s bed until a shameful hour, then headed to McDonalds, then back to ours for a bit, and then finally back to the Triangle for a “Games Night” where we all learnt quite a lot about each other and were taught our new favourite variation of Articulate!
  • Thursday involved a shopping trip for me and Kate, where I searched for grad ball dress inspiration, and then a bit of an impromptu lunch at Zizzi to celebrate Presh and Nicole finishing their exams at long last! We got free Prosecco courtesy of 02 Moments which is always a plus, and it was so nice that everybody was finally free!
  • On Saturday, one of our very best friends from WM, Ivan, came to visit! Most students had gone home by this point so it was a bit of a quiet affair but lovely to see him anyways – he treated us to another fab meal at Cote and then we headed home to drink the gifts he had brought us. THANKS IVAN WE LOVE YOU!


  • Sunday involved breakfast at The Living Room, and then a trip to show Ivan a) Waitrose and b) St Luke’s. Some sentimental pictures were in order:


  • Monday saw yet more sentimental pictures when we went up to campus to collect our dissertations and final essays (!). We just couldn’t resist the opportunity!


  • As the boys had cooked for us on Sunday night (an impressive Chinese feast), we decided to repay the favour on my last night, Monday, and decided on a Mexican extravaganza. We committed ourselves to making all the flavouring and various accompaniments ourselves, and whipped up a fairly impressive salsa & guacamole between us!


  • And finally, we come to Monday, my final day in Exeter. I spent the morning packing and sorting out my room, and then Kate and I headed into town for a last lunch in Boston Tea Party. I had the pulled pork wrap, which was a bit more BBQ-y than the last time and possibly even better for it!


  • Finally, it was time for me to head to the train station and home. The sun came out just in time, so the city was looking at its very most gorgeous as I left it. Until Grad Week, Exeter!



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