the summer lustlist

I’ve been at home for a week now and I feel like at least half of that week has been spent internet shopping. I’ve been mainly looking for dresses for a) grad ball and b) various summer birthdays, including my own, but needless to say I’ve been sidetracked by summer wear in general. If money was no object (or even if I had any at all) here’s what I’d be wearing this summer:

Topshop, £35

I have been lusting after these Topshop beauties for AGES and finally tried them on today. They fit perfectly – if my student discount hadn’t just expired (cry cry cry) I would definitely have bitten the bullet and bought them! As it happens they would have made quite a considerable dent in my poor old bank account so I had to resist. If anyone feels like buying me a present, though…

Topshop, £16

This is another one that I tried on earlier today and kind of wish I hadn’t. I am loving the collegiate/Americana trend that is everywhere at the minute – after my year at W&M last year, I feel right at home. If anyone ever decides to make anything with Virginia plastered all over it, I’ll be all over it, but till then I’d be quite content with this cute cropped top.

Zara, £12.99 (sale)

Love love love the leather shoulders on this!

ASOS, £28

Not cheap enough for an impulse buy sadly and part of me really really doesn’t like this…but the other part of me really, really does.

Wal G, £32

I want this so much! It could be dressed up or down so easily – if I was going on a proper holiday this summer it would definitely be in my wardrobe.

Obviously, this is without shoes, bags, makeup, nail varnish, or any of the millions of evening dresses I currently have pinned to my brand new Pinterest board. And also ignoring the fact that even though I have an enormous suitcase waiting to be brought home still in Exeter, the clothes I did manage to bring home still won’t all fit in my wardrobe. Anyone else stuck in serious fashion lust at the minute, or is it just me?!


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