year 3: the highlight reel

Okay, so my third and final year of university is officially in the history books – a strange feeling to say the least! After the sheer excitement of first year and the unmatchable thrill that was my 2nd year abroad, I was a tiny bit worried that big scary 3rd year, with its dissertation and looming graduation, wouldn’t match up. I could not have been more wrong. Just like the two before it, this year has undoubtedly been the best of my life and I could not have asked for a better way to round off my degree (a sentence that makes me want to cry). I’m a sucker for a cheesy montage but seeing as nobody has spent this last year filming every moment of my life (booooo), this handy list of highlights will have to take its place. Without further ado, here’s my best moments.

  • The very first night of the year, the pre-Freshers week Friday, where our house bonded with the boys who would become some of our house best friends and one member of our group took pregame a LITTLE too hard and created a moment that has become legendary (and that I won’t reveal here!)


  • Hosting, and cooking for, something like 22 people in our modest little student house in honour of Thanksgiving – all decked out in our best Primark jumpers
  • Having our W&M friend Lydia study abroad at Exeter in term 1. Getting to bring a little bit of WM “home” with us and showing her the delights of UK uni life was SO fun and Sophie and I were so pleased she fitted in with our friends so so well and (we hope) loved Exeter as much as we do!


  • All the birthdays. Sophie’s champagne brunch, Nicole’s afternoon tea, mine and Kate’s birthday BBQ and Presh’s Caribbean dinner party – the planning was fun, the days were even funner and the resulting hangovers can even be overlooked in honour of the big 2-1!


  • All the endless games of the Name Game that dominated the final week
  • The themed events that our house became known for. Dapper vs Rapper was my ultimate highlight – a chance to indulge my inner Snoop Dogg!


  • Dinner Party Club, a feature of the year that has gone strangely un-written about here. What started off as a casual invitation that our good friend Ricky comes over for dinner grew and developed into a full on arrangement of regular dinner parties for 6. Naturally with 3 boys “vs” 3 girls things quietly got increasingly competitive and got more and  more impressive each time!
  • Getting my nose pierced as a “last ever lecture” celebration just before Easter
  • Dressing up as the 3 blind mice for a “famous duos” pub crawl


  • The night Sophie, Nicole and I built a fort and spent the evening eating cookies and drawing stupid pictures
  • Our house trip to Exeter’s gorgeous Christmas Market


  • Cooking every night with the girls – I seriously can’t recommend this enough, great way to make sure everyone sees each other at least once a day when you’re all stressed & busy with essays etc!
  • Christmas Dinner at the Triangle
  • The SSB! Not only the event itself, but the hours and hours spent planning the perfect outfit, the ridiculous amount of times we all put on our leotards and paraded nakedly around the house, the actual day of and getting ready and predrinks, and of course the aftermath, when we realised that we featured in pretty much every single Exepose picture there was going… (and, later, the Independent!)


  • Our regular TG trips to cocktail bars and brunch spots all over Exeter – we’ve been friends since the very first day of our careers as English undergrads and I’m so so pleased that we’re all still so close!


  • Speaking of, the day we handed in our dissertations and final essays and officially completed our degrees: May 2nd. Kicking off with a fabulous champagne brunch, followed by a gorgeous sunshine-y afternoon at the Impy and a suitably raucous night at Arena – one of my very favourite days of the year!



  • Spontaneously buying tickets to the EGB and of course the EGB itself
  • Our first spontaneous BBQ
  • Our friendship with Duncan – Soph and I were so so pleased that our house love him as much as we do and that we stayed friends out of the WM bubble! (Plus, boy makes a mean Thai green curry)


  • The night we declared a “sensible night” and then embarked on a bottle of Cactus Jacks…sensible we were not
  • Our PERFECT weekend in Fowey. I couldn’t have imagined a better time.


  • All the baking sprees, the random trips to Beer Box, the house crafting…I could go on

It’s been a pretty perfect year and I can’t actually believe it’s all over. There are so so so many more moments I could have picked for this list, let alone the two years preceding it. Exeter (and William & Mary) have given me the best three years I could POSSIBLY have asked for and I never want to forget a thing!


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