grad week wednesday

After a raucous and miraculously unphotographed trip to Arena on Tuesday night, we were feeling distinctly worse for wear on Wednesday morning. Luckily, help was at hand in the form of Rory and Matt, who popped round to make us pancakes – bless!

Pancakes consumed, Sophie and I had a mountain of tasks to do. First stop was town, where my mum had told us to call into Cakeadoodledo to pick up a little something. We were presented with this:


A big thanks to mummy J and to Kate at Cakeadoodledo, who did a fantastic job with these: they were delicious as well as looking gorgeous! (If anyone remembers, my not-birthday cakes were also from Cakeadoodledo, and I can’t recommend it enough if you’re in the Exeter area!)

Next up we had to head to campus to pick up our robes and grad ball tickets. At this point, my parents also called to tell me that they were on their way to Exe – but had left their graduation tickets at home. Well done guys! Luckily the people in charge were very understanding and replaced them no problems, and then it was over to the Ram to meet up with Lucy and Alex. Completely unexpectedly, the girls presented me with an early birthday present: this beautiful Nomination charm bracelet which I adore!


As we were leaving campus we realised we had timed our trip perfectly with the end of Sports Science graduation, whose ceremony had just finished. We wandered around for a bit congratulating all the friends we could find and getting the low down on the fabulous Floella (more on her later), and then it was time to head back to Submarine HQ for some very speedy showers before we carried on to the Sports Science reception. The champagne was flowing – luckily by now we were recovered enough to partake!



Obviously, there was a lot of time for the obligatory photos. St Luke’s was in its full sunny glory with canapes and champagne glasses being circulated, and with the boys in their gowns things all got very Hogwarts!




I felt so proud of all our sports scientists – like a little proud mother! We’ve all come so far since our first days in halls when I didn’t even know sports science was a thing. We gave our HUGE congrats to everyone, sussed out as many parents as possible (meeting parents is like my favourite hobby), and then it was time for Sophie and I to head to Cosy Club to meet my family for dinner. We secured ourselves a table on the terrace outside, and Sophie and I opted to share a tapas trio for starter, which included a fab five-spice shredded pork. After, I went for the spatchcock chicken which was delicious.


I had been wanting to try the food at Cosy Club ever since it opened and it didn’t disappoint. We declined dessert, as Sophie and I had more plans for the evening – a brief trip to visit the boys at predrinks and then onto an entirely sober night at Timepiece! We were a bit worried about this but had resolved to go to celebrate with all the new graduates, and I am pleased to say it was the right choice!

We were good girls and just did as much mingling as possible: luckily we saw basically everyone we could have wanted to see and obviously everyone was in great form! We didn’t stick it out till the very end, though – eventually it was time to head home and get some sort of sleep before our own big day…


5 thoughts on “grad week wednesday

  1. I just had my graduation, and whilst I found the ceremony itself underwhelming, having family around and celebrating was definitely worth it! Being under the robes in the heat was definitely rough though!!

    Teffy || Teffys Perks Blog


  2. 1. those cupcakes look incredible
    2. I used to have one of those charm bracelets when I was younger and I was completely obsessed with it (this reminds me that I must find it!)
    3. Coooongraaaaats!! X

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