grad week: the very end

After a (slightly sub-par actually) Bill’s brunch on Friday with my parents, we spent the rest of Friday taking it very easy and recuperating. This is because we wanted to be on tiptop form for the final and possibly very best event of the week: grad ball.

In order to top up our tans and make sure we were nice and relaxed and well-fed before the night’s events, we spent the afternoon having one last beach BBQ at Exmouth. After a few false start – nobody brought a lighter, it was a bit windy, we had no utensils, chef Will dropped a burger – we all settled down to a huge array of sausages and burgers and generally sunbathed and enjoyed our last chance to soak up Exmouth’s gorgeous views.



For once , we actually checked the train times well in advance and headed home with plenty of time to get ready for the ball. In typical low-maintenance Subberz style, we were all ready super early anyway so we took the chance to take some pictures in front of the banner we’d put up in our garden.



And then, finally, it was time for festivities to begin! We had decided to predrink on the St Luke’s Quad and had got in the champagne supplies for the occasion – undoubtedly our classiest pregame yet! The light was perfect and everybody looked lovely and it was our last evening together and so, naturally, the cameras were out in force.




It has to be said, there were also some slightly less wholesome snaps…




All too soon (but not really – we were super excited), it was time to jump in the taxi and head to campus. Since the event, the general consensus amongst most grads seems to be that the ball was a bit of a disorganised rip off – but everyone had a brilliant time anyway. To be honest, I’d more or less agree with this. I don’t think it’s about the cost of the ticket, really: we were there to see everybody and to celebrate the best three years in the world and that’s exactly what we did. I personally had a GREAT time, and there was even a hog roast, which is a good way to keep me happy at any occasion. Trust me when I say this is just a very small sample of my ultimate favourite pictures from the evening!








I know I had hyped up grad week in my head before I even arrived in Exeter last week, but it really was PERFECT – it actually even surpassed all my expectations. I couldn’t have asked for a sunnier, more fun or more perfect week to celebrate three absolutely amazing years, and wrapping it all up in the sunshine, between our two favourite campuses on earth, with (almost) everybody that has made my two years at Exeter so very special was absolutely the very very best way to finish my undergraduate career.

Exeter: thank you and I love you!


4 thoughts on “grad week: the very end

  1. This look like such a fun day, even if it was a little over priced, its still a good opportunity to have a good time! Can’t wait for university woooxx

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