four go to southwold (part 1)

This weekend, we held something of a mini Exeter reunion at Nicole’s country house in Southwold. It took a couple of false starts and some typical disorganisation, but eventually on Thursday afternoon, the lovely Mae arrived at my house and we embarked on a cross-country roadtrip to Suffolk.

After a remarkably easy journey (we only had one near-disaster that we averted very quickly), we arrived to grab Nicole from her other friend’s house and went to hers. Having dumped our stuff and admired the house, which is very cute, cosy and coastal themed, first port of call was, of course, the beach! Nicole and her fam have a beach hut, which we visited first.



The weather was just about nice enough to warrant an ice cream, so we made a little pitstop for what is possibly the most picture-perfect ice cream I’ve ever eaten. I was also feeling very happy ’cause I was getting to show off my hilarious new sunglasses, which I’m sure the residents of Southwold were loving (€5 on the beach in Portugal, if you were wondering).


Ice creams in hand, we wandered along the pier, which is lined with cute little shops, and most importantly, amusements.


Nicole introduced us to the most fun photobooth I’ve ever been in: one that gives you various stimulants to get the desired “expression” – think bright lights, a sudden drop, etc. As it turned out, my favourite was the hilarious “reincarnated” shot – what do you think?


Things were starting to get distinctly cloudy, so we decided to head back to the house. Nicole took us via a Southwold landmark, the cannons. Pictures were necessary: apparently it’s a rite of passage. Obviously I was all too willing to oblige.


It’s not a trip to the seaside if fish and chips isn’t involved, so that was on the menu for dinner. Brilliantly, the nearest fish & chip shop has a phone-ahead-and-order service which I personally thought was the world’s best invention. We conducted a very scientific experiment to see which is nicest out of cod or plaice, and all decided, on reflection, that we prefer cod.

We spent the rest of the evening in the living room, drinking wine and having a good old catch up – Mae, Nicole and I haven’t been altogether in one place really since way back in first year, so there was a lot of it to be done! Our various road trips and coastal activities had worn us all out though, so we retired to bed at a fairly decent time so that we could recharge in time for the most wholesome of wholesome days…


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