Catching Up

I’ve been a bit slacking on the old blog front lately, mostly because I’ve not been doing anything more exciting than wandering around town lusting after jumpers I can’t afford, battling with the Guardian crosswords and debating the merits of Morrisons vs Waitrose (is that even a question?!) I’ve been so busy doing menial things that I haven’t even really been taking any pictures, so sorry this is a text heavy post.

First thing of note – I caved and bought a domain! I decided it was a worthy investment (and not actually that expensive) so now you can find me at (the old URL will redirect though!). Quite exciting really, I feel very grown up about the whole thing.

Term starts on Monday so I’ve been doing my best to get prepared for that. I realised that because of the way my modules worked last year, I haven’t actually had to do much/any regular reading at all since before Christmas last year so this term might turn out to be quite a shock! I also had my college induction day which was much more interesting than I had really anticipated. They’d pushed the boat out with the lunch offerings for one thing – no more prepacked sandwiches at postgrad level, it’s all about the mini pizzas and canapes now!

I also hadn’t really thought about the massive range of people doing an MA. We mingled a bit over lunch and it was so so interesting to hear everybody’s stories. There are a few people like me that have stayed on either from Exeter or have come straight from somewhere else, but also people who have literally travelled from across the world to come here or who are returning to education after, like, fifteen years. I always want to know everything about everybody’s life so I had to stop myself jumping on everybody with a thousand questions – I can’t wait to hear everybody’s tales! I’m also actually excited for teaching to start, mostly because I had forgotten how great & mad all the mad English department are. This MA might be the most self-indulgent thing I’ve ever done so I am determined to make the most of it and enjoy it.

Finally, this week I also had the pleasure of my first real life blog encounter when Jess of Mismatched Knitwear and I found ourselves together in the endless queue for Timepiece Wednesday. It was a surreal moment to say the least (“Excuse me – are you…Jess?”) but so nice to meet her! She’s organised an Exeter blogger meet up this week which I am so excited for – can’t wait to get my bloggy mingle on!

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