On The Internets

The way my uni course/year abroad worked out, I was never really around to sort out student-house-business like TV, internet, electricity bills and so on and so on. While this had its benefits (an entirely stress-free three years, mostly), it has meant that I have been left more than a little confused when moving into my “grown up” PG house.

Luckily, BT stepped in and sent me a great broadband deal they are offering this year for students. If any of you fellow students haven’t yet sorted out your internet or have been having problems with your chosen provider (SO many of my friends have been left without internet for weeks and weeks so far this term!), look no further!

Unlike most other internet providers, BT offers nine month broadband contracts, so perfect for your student house because you won’t have to pay over the summer. This year, there are two options: the first, BT Infinity, offering 38 MB for £35.45 a month including line rental (plus an activation charge), and the second option, coming in at £31.45 a month inc. line rental. This second package doesn’t require an activation charge, which makes it a bit of a cheaper deal! And if these prices seem a little steep, remember that the cost will presumably be divided between everyone in your house. If you have four or five (or more!), it’s easily affordable.

In this case, “getting internet” means getting an unlimited connection, with no usage caps or data limit, and BT also don’t slow you down during peak times. ALSO, it includes BT Sport Online, so the boys will be kept happy and they don’t have to take over the TV with endless football matches – result!

BT has a very snazzy website for the offers which you can find here. If you sign up before 31st October, you will be entered into a prize draw to win an “ultimate entertainment package” which basically includes everything you could ever want or need, TV/internet/home entertainment-wise. After our crazy good luck in prize draws & competitions this year, my eyes have been opened and so I can confirm that it is possible to win things like this so try your luck!

This is a sponsored post – but it is useful!


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