Autumnal Exeter

Okay, sorry for the distinct lack of pretty posts lately. Now that I’m settling back into some sort of routine, I’ve been making sure to get out and about more and actually Do Things so I’ve got some very exciting posts coming up, including my first blogging meet up this weekend!

This morning I awoke to a very misty, atmospheric sort of Exeter. I had to head into town to run some errands (had some fab service in Natwest so lots of warm and fuzzy feelings towards them), so I decided to take my newly-acquired camera (thanks mum) with me and get some pictures of the city looking all dramatic and Dickensian.

They’ve finally taken all the hoarding off the Cathedral, so now you can see the front facade for the first time in years.




I also took myself for lunch (I say lunch…I mean cake) at Cakeadoodledo, one of my very favourite Exeter spots. I feel like I am now an adult ’cause I’m no longer super self-conscious about sitting by myself.




I also stumbled across a farmer’s market (who knew?) selling all sorts of very rustic and autumnal vegetables. If I hadn’t been on my way to a seminar, I would have stocked up, but I didn’t want to turn up to my first seminar laden down with squash.



Speaking of uni, campus and its surroundings were also doing their best to prove themselves worthy of the title “Britain’s most beautiful.”




Isn’t it all just ridiculously gorgeous?

Usually, this sort of weather makes me all sorts of miserable, but I’ve been kind of enjoying it lately. At any rate, this week has settled all the worries I had about returning to Exeter. It was a bit of a gamble and arguably a bit of a rash decision, but having had my first two seminars and spent some time reacquainting myself with my favourite corner of Devon, I’m now totally satisfied that it was the right one. Exeter will always have a very special place in my heart but it’ll never again be mine like it is right now, so I’m very, very glad that I get to take this bonus year to enjoy it even more.

And on that note, I’m off to delve into the 700-page Victorian novel I’m supposed to have read by this time next week. English student “problems”?


4 thoughts on “Autumnal Exeter

  1. It looks beautiiiiful, you really are at one of the prettiest uni’s! Love the squash, I have an obsession with squash ever since I saw that beautiful video by Todd Selby for Zara’s ad campaign *if you havent seen it yet google that and you’ll see it is magnificent!).xx

  2. Hahaha just had a memory of when we tracked down Cakeadoodledoo and then stood awkwardly in the doorway and left – well done for being a normal human being and buying something this time :)

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